Game made for MiniJam 112 - Chrono. The limitation is: "Only 3 Buttons"

If the game's laggy be sure to activate the "Hardware Acceleration" from your browser settings!

Greetings, fellows gamedevs. We are Hiro and HyperOwain, and you're Chrono, the next Time Lord, but you have to prove to the Great Time Lord that you're whorty!
This is a rage-platformer game. It might be difficult some times or a bit frustrating, we know. We are not the best developer in the world and this is my 2nd game jam and Hyper's first, we did everything in our capacities to make the game enjoyable.

Controls on the Keyboard: "A" and "D" to Move, "W" to Jump.

Known issues: 

  • The game might be very dark on some screen, we're sorry.
  • There's no coyote time so controlling the player sometimes it's hard.

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